Somdal Associates

Architecture + Interior Design
Emmett Hook Center & Early Childhood Ministry Center at First United Methodist Church
Shreveport, LA

The Emmett Hook Center is a theatre structure that will replace the Performing Arts Center and is being constructed simultaneously with the Children's Ministry Center. The theatre seats 320 persons and is equipped with a full stage including a fly gallery, a full complement of theatrical lighting and support facilities for the performing arts. The Center will be utilized for contemporary worship services, leadership conferences and community lectures and programs.

The Children's Ministry Center is a two story building that will provide pre-school child care for the church's programs in conjunction with their existing day care program, First Beginnings. The new facility has 8 classrooms, an indoor playroom and associated staff areas. The second floor of the building is shell space for future expansion of the First Methodist programs. A new exterior playroom is being installed along with a covered drop-off area that can serve the entire south end of the campus.