Somdal Associates

Architecture + Interior Design
David Toms Golf Academy
Shreveport, LA

Working with PGA Tour Golfer, David Tom’s, we began the project designing his vision of an eight hole golf course with a state of the art 15,000 sf. recreational facility on a 70 acre site. The Academy offers the surrounding region an opportunity to experience and practice golf in a way that was crafted by many detailed design meetings between David Toms, Somdal, and specialty golf consultants.

Careful construction administration kept the original plans integrity intact. The facility is strategically sited to present an impressive public image along the main campus of South Shreveport. The working environment is programmed and designed to enhance the further growth in recreational advancement and golf academy capacity of this region. The planned budget for this project was $12 million and remained this through completion. The schedule for this project was 2.5 years from the programming stages up until construction completion.